Saturday, August 20, 2011

Black Bean and Corn Salsa

I promise I have a good reason why it has been 2 weeks since my last post. First, I couldn't move into my apartment last week because it wasn't quite ready. I was staying with a friend until last weekend when my mom and my sister came down with half of my belongings. I had the other half that had none of my kitchen supplies. Second, there wasn't Internet at my apartment until now. Literally last night, I was playing around on my Nook and realized that I was getting e-mail notifications. So I opened them up and indeed they were being updated! I have no idea why it doesn't work on my laptop but either way I was excited that I had Internet in some form.

Naturally, after checking all my e-mails, I went searching for a recipe. I've been dying to make a great black bean and corn salsa and I decided to tackle it this weekend. I remember trying to make it before but it did not taste that awesome. It was probably because I used canned tomatoes or pre-made salsa. I used fresh tomatoes this time and it definitely made a difference. For some of the other ingredients, I wanted to work with what I had so I made adjustments accordingly. I actually don't mind the lime being left out anyway as I prefer low acidity in my salsa. I added a bit of cucumber just for some extra crunch and freshness. This is definitely a plus for me!

I think a lot of my cooking will be done on the weekends. While I know I will have lots of lesson planning to do, it'll also save me time during the week so I can get more sleep. This week alone has been busy and school hasn't even started yet. Being a new teacher is pretty overwhelming with planning lessons (for three classes at that!), learning the policies, keeping up with administration, meeting the parents, so it'll be a while before I get myself into a routine. But I am excited to be teaching and I can't wait to meet my students on Monday and share wacky stories with you.

Black Bean and Corn Salsa
From Naturally Ella

15.5 oz can black beans, rinsed and drained
1 1/2 cups corn
1 large tomato (8 oz), diced
1 small cucumber, deseeded and diced
1/4 small sweet onion (or red onion), finely diced
1 clove garlic, minced
1/4 cup fresh cilantro
2 tsp sugar

In a bowl, mix together the black beans, corn, tomato, onion, cucumber, and garlic. Sprinkle sugar and adjust to taste. Add cilantro and mix gently. Let sit in refrigerator for at least one hour before serving. Enjoy!

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