Friday, April 22, 2011

Banana Smoothie

When my family and I take a vacation, it never involves flying. We drive everywhere. We stick to the east coast of the States, but we have driven to as far as Niagara Falls, Maine, North Carolina, and more. My dad is always the one to drive the nine or seven hours it takes to get to our destination. As a kid, I tried to stay awake as much as I could so that my dad wouldn't feel lonely. Not that he's much of a talker when he drives, but I thought that at least the idea of someone else awake would comfort him. It amazed me how he could drive such long hours and not show a sign of tiredness. I even felt bad that we had to go to such far away places when he was the only one driving. But now that I've started driving myself to and from school, I think I understand why my dad didn't mind it. After a few trips, six hours seem like nothing to me so I'm sure my dad thought the same way. We haven't taken a vacation in a while, but next time, I will definitely have to help him out with the driving.

Driving around town is a hassle, but something about driving on the highway is a lot of fun for me. I actually look forward to it. I'm on the road to Virginia today. Originally, I would have left on Saturday or even on Sunday, but there are cats that need to be taken care of back South, so I'm cutting my Spring Break short. Keeping up my energy is super important when I'm driving, so I prepared some snacks that I could easily munch on. I also decided to make myself a smoothie. Not a fancy schmancy smoothie with lots of different ingredients, but a simple two-ingredient smoothie. Easy to make just before I leave.

Banana Smoothie

I tried making these with frozen blueberries, but I got slush. What is it about frozen bananas that still results in a creamy smoothie?

Blueberry Smoothie

Banana Smoothie
From Coffee Beans and Curry Leaves

- 2 bananas, frozen
- 1 1/2 cups milk

Cut up frozen bananas and place in blender. Add the milk and blend.

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